Sunday Shoes – Heels

Hi Everyone!!


Another fashion-y post today, this one is all about my heel collection. If you’re anything like me, you love to have a nosey inside other peoples wardrobes and have a total soft spot for shoes, especially heels! I think this is going to become a weekly segment, every Sunday throughout June. Hope you enjoy this little segment of my blog!


Pointed Shoes

Pointed shoes have been a really big trend for a while now and it’s safe to say I definitely jumped on the band wagon with them too! I think these shoes are best for sitting down as they can squash your toes, which is super uncomfortable for long periods of time!



These ones are from New Look and are actually quite comfortable, I really love the touch of gold at the heel.



Black, Pink and Grey

These are also from New Look and I have to say that I pretty much never wear them because the colours are actually quite hard to pair with an outfit, despite the colours being so pretty together!




I got these from New Look and I think they are the most classic and elegant pair of shoes in my collection, no matter what I pair them with they just look great.




I’ve got to say I definitely don’t like these ones as much as the ones above, the suede effect just makes them look a bit dirty which is never a good look!




These are the ultimate christmas party shoe! They are from New Look and just make any outfit look super flirty and festive! I mean who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle!




These ones are from River Island and I really love how they add some sophistication to a casual outfit, I would warn that they are very hard to keep white though!




Wedges just make me think of holidays! Especially they cork wedges that are very fashionable right now! I find wedges the easiest to walk in and I can usually wear them for a decent length of time before my feet burn!



These shoes are from New Look and they hold so many memories of great nights out I’ve had with my friends! I think they look great with a simple pair of jeans and a cute blouse and as you can tell, they are well loved!




These are from New Look and are the newest heels in my collection. I think they are the most summery and possibly my new favourites, I can’t wait to wear them walking along the promenades in Spain!




I can easily say that these are my least favourite shoes, they just hurt and I can hardly even stand in them never mind walk or dance!



These are the shoes I wore to my school formal, they are from Mango and are super uncomfortable, however they do look great on and really elongate the legs.




These shoes are from New Look, I got them several years ago and still haven’t worn them! I keep hanging on incase the occasion comes but I really don’t think it ever will!




I think these sorts of shoes are great summer heels, they are casual but still dressy and help to add that little something extra to a simple summer outfit.



These are from a company called Truffle, I bought them on ASOS and they are actually really comfortable. I think they’d look great with a pair of destroyed ankle grazers and a simple white shirt.



These ones are from New Look and are really great when you want to look  dressy but with minimal effort. See how I style them in my Spring Look Book!




These shoes are perfect with a summer dress and sunglasses! They’re from Dunnes and are surprisingly comfortable as they have a soft suede/leather-like fabric!



Block Heels

Chunky heels are always a great pic, they are easy to walk in and often have a decent platform so the heel doesn’t feel as high!



These shoes are also very summery, the cork heel gives of  a carefree vibe, which makes them perfect for any outfit!




These wine coloured heels are perfect for the colder months and all the straps make your foot extra secure, which makes wearing them a breeze! Also they’re from New Look so they were super affordable!




The platform one these ones are very similar to the burgundy heels and are from Primark, they are super comfortable and can be worn for a decent length of time before they start hurting your feet!



Now for my babies! These Miss KG’s are definitely my absolute favourite shoes that I own, they look amazing on and are a lot more comfortable than they look! I got them for a wedding last August and I’m planning on wearing them again for my Graduation this month!



I hope you enjoyed this peek into my shoe collection, what are you’re favourite types of shoes?


Hope to see you around,



Charlotte xx
Instagram: @charlottemakeupblog


14 thoughts on “Sunday Shoes – Heels

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  1. I’m so glad I discovered your blog! I love it. Anything, whether it be shoes, clothes or lipstick, that is wine coloured/burgundy always has my eye in the winter months! You have loads of shoes!! I’d love it if you could check my blog out maybe xx

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  2. I’m so jealous of your collection! I love New Look heels as they’re his so comfy. I got a gorgeous black and burgundy block heel in the new year sale and I love them!

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  3. It’s interesting that you find pointy stilettos so uncomfortable, they happen to be my go to shoe. I’m sure with more practice and experience the stilettos will become easier, as soon as those ankle muscles build up it becomes so much more stable. Pointy toes are a strange one though, you may find that you’re not wearing the right size as a shoe that is too large can cause the foot to slide forward into an uncomfortable position equally one that is too small (short) means the toes are going to get squashed.

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