Benefit Porefessional Review

Hey Everyone!!
I’ve been using the Benefit Porefessional for several years now, it’s always been my go to and I do love it – sometimes. Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with this primer for several reasons, and this has sent me on a crusade for a new primer!

I find this is a good primer for minimising pores, but only to a certain extent! I will admit that I do have large pores, and even with this primer they are still visible, which is really annoying! I’ve tried out a lot of other pore minimising primers and it seems to be the same with them all, which sucks! On the plus side the porefessional is good at making your foundation more long lasting which is really great!

Overall, I’d give this primer a 3/5 because it does do a fairly good job at minimising pores and if you have smaller pores it would be a great primer but for me it just didn’t live up to expectations which is disappointing! Have you tried this primer? How did you find it?
Hope to see you around,

Charlotte xx
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8 thoughts on “Benefit Porefessional Review

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  1. I really like this primer but the downside for me is that it is so expensive! The texture of it is so different to other silicony primers i’ve tried before but for me that’s really good! I’d Love it if you would check out my blog- – and see what you think!

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  2. I love this primer! I do agree, some days when my pores seem a little larger it doesn’t seem to cover it fully. I usually put this primer on and set it very lightly with a translucent powder. Another good primer to try would be the Smashbox Pore Minimizer primer

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