Sunday Shoes – Boots!

Hey Everyone!


To conclude this shoe segment, I thought I’d write about boots! Be sure to check out the previous posts on heels, sandals and flats! It feels a little strange to be writing about boots when it’s summer but really no shoe collection is complete without at least one pair of boots and I’ve got ten to share with your!

P.S I know I’m a bit early but I’ve a really busy day tomorrow so I don’t know if I’ll have time to post then hah!


Chelsea/Ankle Boots

I’ve got to say chelsea boots are definitely my favourite style of boot to wear, I’ve got quite a few pairs and I just find that they seem to go with almost every outfit! I think it’s a must to invest in a good pair of chelsea boots and they’ll last you for years!





These boots are from River Island and are definitely my most loves shoes! I’ve had them for over a year now and they are holding up really well, I almost can’t wait for the colder weather to be able to wear them again!



These boots are from New Look and are my winter work shoe!  They are so comfortable and the slight heel and tassel at the back just help to make them look a little fancier! I really love to go for a shoe that has a little bit of detail as I find that this can make them look more expensive!




A classic brown chelsea boot, like these ones from Next are a must for everyone! I find that they give off a very put together vibe, even when as scuffed and worn as mine! They look great with a variety of outfits and the low heel makes them super comfortable!



These boots are also from New Look and I find that they work really well with a pair of jeans and a shirt! They colour and suede like fabric give them a very casual vibe and the side detailing helps to jazz them up a bit! I really love these shoes are they are super wearable and really comfortable!


Heeled Boots

I really love a good pair of heeled boots in Winter, I find that they help to add some sophistication to a simple look and can be very comfortable as well!




These are one of my favourites. They are from New Look and sadly they are not as comfortable as they look! I really love the stud detailing on these boots, they make the perfect accompaniment to an all black outfit!



These Topshop beauties are one of the comfiest boots I own! I really love how simple they look but the gold detail at the heel helps to make them a little more special! They are the perfect casual boot when you want to make a little more effort as they work so well with so many different outfits!



These boots are from River Island and I really love how cute they are with the oversize tassels! These boots are really comfortable and work well with everything from a cute wool dress and a heavy coat to a pair of jeans and a jumper!



These boots are from New Look and I really love the buckle detailing, they are really comfortable and I love how they look with a skirt and tights!




These boots are from New Look and a probably the edgiest boots I own! They look great with jeans, a shirt and a nice jacker and the thick platform and chunky heel make them really easy to walk in!


Over the Knee Boots

I really love how sexy over the knee boots and thigh high boots can look, especially when worn with skirt and dresses! They also have a real 60’s vibe, which can look amazing. They are such great boots to own as they can be worn with a variety of outfits!





These boots are from New Look, I really love how they can look so casual when worn with jeans and a jumper or can help to make an outfit look a little dressier! They are such versatile shoes and they elastic detailing in the back makes them really comfortable and easy to wear!


Well that’s my shoe collection done! I really hope you guys enjoyed this segment and I’d love to know what you’re favourite style of boot!


Hope to see you around,



Charlotte xx


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