Birthday Eye Makeup!!

Hey Everyone!


It was my birthday on Sunday! And I thought I would do a somewhat special eye make up as I was going out for cocktails with some friends!



I used Tanya Burrs Birthday Suit palette as the basis of this look, which helped to create a really soft but glamorous make up look. I began by applying Toast through my crease with a small blending brush, this will be used as a transition shade but I still wanted to build a good level of intensity with it. I then went over that with Soft Truffle through the crease to darken and define. I used a combination of these two shades under my lash line with Cocoa Sugar patted on top.


Using my concealer brush with any left over product on it I went over the lid to remove any excess dark shadow so that the lighter shade, Marzipan would show through. I had to use a few layers of this shade as it is very light but still very beautiful. I went back over the crease with Soft Truffle to defuse the edges and define the look further.


I wanted to add a little sparkle to this look so I applied a *very* light layer of MAC Glitter in a shade similar to Reflects Transparent Pink! I really like how this added a touch of something special to an otherwise simple look.


After tightening with a black eye pencil, I then applied a winged liner using L’Oreal Superliner and then for mascara I used Too Faced Better Than Sex and Benefit Roller Lash, for bottom lashes I used MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara. To check out my favourite mascaras, click here!

For my lips I kept it simple using only MAC’s Velvet Teddy.


Overall, I was really pleased with how this look came out!


Have you tried any of Tanya Burrs eyeshadow palettes? I really loved this one and am tempted to get a few more!


Hope to see you around,



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlottesmakeupblog



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