Cleaning my Make-Up Brushes

Hey Everyone!


We all know that cleaning our make up brushes is one of the most boring tasks, especially when your brushes are really dirty! Who knew a brush could retain so much foundation!! To help make my monthly brush cleaning a little easier I like to spot clean my brushes on a  weekly basis! This is a really easy task and all you need is a good brush cleanser and some tissues, I like the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser!




I find spot cleaning my brushes to be great for my blending brushes, especially after doing a smokey eye or for my concealer brush when i’ve had a few break outs to cover as the cleanser I use also disinfects brushes!


I like to spray the cleanser onto a tissue or cotton pad and then swirl my brush round to remove the product, for excess or stubborn product I’ll then spray cleanser onto the brush itself and swirl around on a clean cotton pad!


I think that spot cleaning brushes is a really effective method of ensuring brushes are clean, but I always try to give my brushes a good clean with antibacterial soap at least once a month!


Hope to see you around,




Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlottesmakeupblog






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