Palette of the Month: December

Hey Everyone!


So for the final palette of the month for 2016 I thought I would choose one of my newest palettes and definitely one of my favourites, the Makeup Revolution Flawless palette. This is an amazing drugstore palette that has 32 shadows, including matte, shimmery and metallic shades in a range of colours!


As you can see there are so many lovely colours in this palette, there is such a variety in this palette that it lends itself to so many different looks!



These are the first three rows of shades, as you can see the matte shades are not as pigmented as the shimmery shades. The shimmery shades in this palette have amazing colour payoff.



These are the more metallic shades in the palette, again they have really great colour payoff especially considering this eyeshadow palette is only £8! I think the bronze shade (second last shade) is one of my favourites.



This swatch is from the last three rows from the palette, I think that the darker shades are less pigmented that the lighter shades but the shades still have a good amount of pigmentation. The darker shades are also a little chalky but the rest are very bendable! The metallic shades are very buttery and blend amazingly!


This palette is really amazing and would be great for any makeup lover whether just starting out or if you’ve been collecting for a while! This is one of my go to palettes are there are lots of brilliant shades that can be incorporated into many different looks!


Have you tried out any of the Makeup Revolution Palettes?


Hope to see you around,



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlottesmakeupblog



8 thoughts on “Palette of the Month: December

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  1. I love makeup revolutions palettes ❤ only have a few, love their blush palette in sugar and spice but my go-to eye shadow palette at the moment is the Morphe 35T x_x

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  2. ugh almost bought this yesterday !!! now i must. the payoff on those shimmes is bomb, kind of a bummer about the mattes but i can live with that. thanks for the post!

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