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MAC is one of those brands that I feel I can always rely on, their products are usually of such a high quality that they never disappoint! I’m not going to lie I didn’t even know how many products I had until I started this post but it turns out it’s quite a few! Especially where lipsticks are concerned! What can I say MAC is my brand!!




MAC Pigments are really great for a quick sweep of colour that packs a punch! This is a set of pigments from a Christmas set a few years ago! It includes; Reflects Gold, Deep Blue Green, Old Gold, Just Before Dawn and 3D Gold. I find loose pigments can be quite messy so I don’t use them as often as I should!



This pigment is in the shade Vanilla, it is probably one of my most used products ever! Vanilla is a wolf white colour with a frost finish so it is a great inner corner highlight!!



This pigment in Melon is one that I just never use, the bright peach tone looks awful on me and I just never reach for it! I really wanted this one to work but it just doesn’t!




The Amber Times Nine palette is such a beautiful palette, it is great for travelling and looks so lovely on the eyes! Read my review here!



This is one of the palettes where you get to choose your own shades, on the top row there is Patina and Satin Taupe (L-R) and the bottom row has Brun and All that Glitters (L-R). Satin Taupe and All that Glitters are probably my most used shades as they looks so pretty by themselves are pair amazingly with other shadows! I really love this little palette as all they shades are so neutral yet you could create so many different looks with it!




This is one of the Kohl Power Eye Pencils in the shade Feline which is just a very dark black! This pencil is great for smudging and would create a great grungey look but I personally have other black pencils which I prefer!




This gel liner in Blacktrack is a great deep black and very long wearing! Personally I find gel liners hard to use but I really do want to get back into it! So let me know if you have any tips!


img_3440This liner in Blitz and Glitz is a lovely deep black with gold glitter through it! This colour is so pretty as it’s not over the top but a subtle hint of glamour!



This is one of the fluidlines from the Cinderella collection in the shade Little Black Bow, it is a dark grey liner with silver sparkle throughout! It is really lovely as either a liner or an eyeshadow base!


Paint Pots


This paint pot in Genuine Treasure is one of my favourites, its a bronze tone with shimmer throughout! So it looks beautiful on its own or as a base for other shadows! However it can be a bit chunky and hard to blend. Sadly it was limited edition but I’m on the hunt for a dupe before this one dries out!



This is in the shade Chilled on Ice, its a beautiful almost sheer white colour with a gold sparkle. I love this as a base under other shimmery eyeshadows as it really makes them pop!




MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara is one of my ultimate mascaras! It is so beautiful as a bottom lash mascara as it really lengthens lashes! I have been through countless tubes of this and I think I’ll always repurchase it as it never fails! Read about my other Favourite Mascaras here.




I absolutely love MAC lipsticks, they are so highly pigmented and creamy that they are always my go to for a new lipstick! I have quite a few lipsticks and a lot of them are really similar but hey I know what I like! The shades I have are Ruby Woo, Please Me, Morning Rose (Limited Edition), Kinda Sexy, Twig, Velvet Teddy, Whirl, Mehr, Amorous, Antique Velvet, Faux, Creme Cup, McIzzle (Limited Edition) and Royal Ball (Limited Edition). I really like the Satin and Matte finished lipsticks, which the majority of these are, as I find them to be a lot more pigmented!




These pencils are really creamy and easy to apply, however I have found that  with the darker colours, the formula tends to be dryer than the lighter colours. I have the shades; Whirl, Chestnut, Soar and Currant.




This is in the shade Glass Slipper which is quite a sheer colour with some fine glitter throughout. I love how this looks by itself on the lips and is my go to anytime I want a glossy lip, which admittedly is almost never!




MAC Soft and Gentle gives the perfect golden glow to the skin and looks amazing in the summertime! I really love this product and highly recommend it!



This is one of the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes in the shade Soft Frost, it reflects almost purple in the light and looks amazing on the inner corners of the eyes and along the tops of the cheekbones and nose! I really love this products for the intense glow it gives!




This is a beauty powder in the shade Natural and is from the Maleficent collection. It is as pink toned powder that really has no use. Sometimes I like to use it to set my foundation or concealer under the eyes as it is super finely milled but honestly I just keep it for the packaging!



This is the Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in the shade Light, and one of my favourite setting powders! It is really fine so it’s great for setting concealer and helps keep skin matte without being too drying.




The Pro Longwear concealer is a really high coverage concealer but it can be quite thick, especially for under the eyes. I have the shades NW15 and NW20, which work really well for me.



This is the Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in the shade Light. This is still a high coverage concealer but it gives you the option to mix the shades for your perfect look which I really like, the only downfall is this product can be quite dry so it can disturb the foundation underneath which can look weird under the eyes and cause creasing, so make sure you use a light hand to apply it.




This is in the shade Sculpt, and is from the Maleficent collection. This is a light contour shade so is great for everyday.




This blush in Harmony is a matte blush, its great for everyday as it doubles as a contour/bronzer and blush shade so I like to wear it alone with some highlighter to finish a simple look.



This is a sheer tone blush in the shade Peaches, it love how it looks in the summer as it is not too intense.



This blush in the shade Stay Pretty is great for everyday when you want to add some colour to you look. It’s semi-matte so works for any look.



This blush in Melba is a phenomenal shade, it’s quite a peachy tone so looks amazing with gold toned eyes!


If you have any recommendations of other products I should try, please let me know!!


Hope to see you around,



Charlotte xx


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