PIXI Glow Tonic: Worth The Hype?

Hey Everyone,

I recently went on an ASOS binge and bought more than anyone ever should, but one little gem worked it’s way into my cart and I’ve got to say I’m obsessed.

I’ve been using the PIXI glow tonic for a few weeks now and the difference it’s made to my skin is amazing! I try to use it every day and night, but honestly I’m the worst at sticking to a routine, so I use it whenever I remember! I love how it makes my skin look so much healthier and there is a noticeable glow after continued use! The glow tonic hasn’t broken me out or caused any skin irritation, which I’m super happy about as I have really sensitive skin and my experiences with skin care have always been a little hit or miss!

I’ve been working towards creating a good skincare routine and the PIXI glow tonic has been a major part of my routine! I love using this product and I know I’ll keep using it for a long time! To rehydrate my skin I like to use the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% serum (I’ll review this soon!) and this has been a great combination for me!

Overall I love the PIXI glow tonic and really recommend it as a product! Have you tried this product yet? What was your experience like?


Charlotte xx

14 thoughts on “PIXI Glow Tonic: Worth The Hype?

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  1. Great post…I love the glow tonic and use it every day, usually twice but sometimes I use something in it’s place like Liquid Gold or nip&fab pads but generally using glycolic twice a day now and my skin has improved. I find to get into a good routine it’s easier to stick to when you find products you love using. I’m happy with the majority of my routine now so I’m finding it easy to stick to šŸ™‚ xx

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