Kat Von D Review

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I have finally got round to reviewing my new Kat Von D makeup from my last haul! To recap I bought the Lock It Hydrating Primer, Lock It Brightening Powder in Petal and the Lock It Setting Powder!

The Hydrating Primer and Base was good and felt nice and refreshing on my skin but it acted more like a moisturiser than a primer. On the Debenhams website it claims that the primer aims to minimise pores and help foundation apply evenly without settling into fine lines, but I found that my pores looked almost the same as they did before and were not minimised in the way a primer such as the POREfessional would and that my foundation still settled into the fine lines I have on my forehead (this is a major insecurity of mine so I always check it when applying makeup!). Overall I would give this primer a 3/5, if it had of been marketed as just a hydrating primer it would have been 5/5 but I just don’t think it lives up to expectations!


The Setting Powder was probably the product that disappointed me the most. For a setting powder I expect it to keep my skin semi-matte throughout the day or at least not to look shiny but this powder couldn’t even do that! I love how finely milled this powder and how lightweight it feels, and your skin has a lovely finish straight after application but 3-4 hours later my face was shiny and needed set again! I don’t have oily skin so I very rarely need to reapply my face powder and I think thats why I’m unimpressed! On the Debenhams website, the product description states that this powder gives a velvety matte finish and while I would agree for this immediately after application, it certainly isn’t a long lasting finish! Sadly I would only give this product a 2/5, there are much better products on the market for a similar price, if not cheaper and this one just didn’t live up to expectations.


Finally the Brightening Powder, this is definitely my favourite product of the bunch, mainly because it actually did its job and set my under eye concealer with a beautiful brightening affect! I often find no matter how well blended your concealer is in the few seconds you swap from a concealer brush to the pre-loaded setting brush you will inevitably have creased your concealer, but I found that this powder didn’t settle into the creases and make them more noticeable as is often the case! I also found that this had a subtle brightening affect that didn’t make it look as though I have white triangles under each eye! The Debenhams product description states that this product is designed to give the underage area a extra-bright boost whilst smoothing and blurring the under eye area! Overall I really liked this product and would give it a 5/5 rating!


I have to say these are all good products but I  wasn’t exactly impressed by them. I will admit that I have been brutally honest in my reviews and they are based on my personal experiences but lets be real, if you’re spending £20-£30 on a product you do have high expectations for it! Have you tried this products? If so, what did you think?



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlottesmakeupblog

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  1. I have been super under-whelmed by most of the products that I have tried from this line! I agree about the primer too – not fabulous. Thanks for the powder info, skipping it for sure!!

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    1. I know, some of her products like the tattoo liner and the liquid lipsticks are so amazing! I definitely want to try out other ones but after these I’m a little afraid too!! Are there any of her products you recommend? xx

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      1. I just purchased some lip products from in during the Sephora sale but have not used them yet! I like the peachy brightening powder, I agree that those are great for under eye setting. The Shade & Light Eye Contour palette is amazing, and I really like the Lock It Setting Spray but that’s about it 😦

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  2. Great post! Love your honesty. I haven’t heard such great things from anywhere about her face/skin products so I’ll continue to pass on them. I wish they would meet the quality of the liner/shadows/lipsticks.

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