Product of the Month: Skin Republic Bubble Mask!

Hey Everyone!


Wanting to look like a cloud has never been high on my wish list, but ever since trying the Skin Republic Bubble Purifying + Charcoal sheet mask I’ve got to say I’m into the whole cloud look!



I got this mask off Amazon. I had no prior knowledge of the company, all I wanted was a bubble mask and this seemed like a good one to try!



  • It’s a sheet mask meaning that it is really easy to apply and remove, it also leaves minimal mess to clean up!
  • Takes 15-20 minutes – not too long that it disrupts your day but long enough to relax
  • It looks hilarious on
  • You can feel the foam building against your skin, I quite liked this but it can tickle round the upper lip area!
  • My skin felt amazing and really refreshed afterwards



  • Didn’t cleanse/purify the skin as expected
  • It’s only a single use product, but they recommend using the mask weekly so this could work out to be quite expensive versus a regular multi use mask.


Overall I really enjoyed this mask, it left my skin feeling super hydrated and really soft but it didn’t feel like it cleansed my skin at all. Honestly I’m not sure if I will repurchase this mask as I can get the same affect from most sheet masks. I would like to try out more of these bubble masks though, so if you know of any good ones please leave the names below!



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlottesmakeupblog

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