Sunday Snapshot: Setting my Under Eye Concealer

Hey Everyone,


Welcome to my ‘Sunday Snapshot’ series, this will be short posts focussed around some quick tips, how-to’s and the sort. Hope you enjoy these little posts and if you have any suggestions/requests for products and tips to include let me know in the comments!

Under Eye concealer can be a tricky thing, especially when under eye bags are in full flow! So having a routine for flawlessly setting you’re Under Eye concealer is a must in my opinion! So here’s how I set my under eye concealer;


  • When applying my foundation I try not to bring it right up under my eyes. Too much product in this area will almost definitely lead to creases and if i’m using concealer anyways I can skip foundation!
  • Apply small dots of concealer to the under eye area, I aim to apply these around the orbital bone and blend upwards using a damp beauty sponge. If you apply the concealer right under the lash line it’ll be a lot harder to blend out!
  • Look up (I find this helps to keep the skin taught) and apply powder using sponge or a brush. I always apply extra powder as I find this helps keep the concealer in place all day!
  • Apply quite a heavy dusting of powder in this area, I find it helps to brighten and stop creasing.



Charlotte xx

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