Snapshot Sunday: My Favourite Makeup Brushes

Hey Everyone,


As I’ve become more experienced with makeup I’ve realised that one of the most important factors is the tools use you! Each brush has it’s own job and it’s going to be a whole lot more difficult to get your desired look with the wrong brushes! In this post I thought I’d break up my routine and share what brushes I use to get the best finish! A good brush doesn’t have to be expensive but the brands I trust the most are MAC, Morphe and Zoeva. These tend to be the softest and best I’ve come across!




There are two tools I rely on at this stage, a large buffing brush and a sponge. I use quite a dense buffing brush to spread the foundation over my skin and begin to blend it in and then I use a sponge to finish blending in the foundation for a more skin like finish. My favourite brushes are Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki brush. My favourite sponge is the Beauty Blender.




Most of the time I use the concealer wand to place the product then blend out with the pointed end of my Beauty Blender.




For this I like to use my Barely Cosmetics Hard Definer Sponge, the straight edges is perfect for applying cream contour and the pointed edge for highlight, I then use the sides to blend!




I’ve found that the Morphe M511 is the perfect size for under the eyes, and it also can hold a good amount of powder for baking.




My favourite brush for face powder is the Morphe E59. It’s quite a dense brush so really packs on a good amount of powder!




As I’m not a big fan of bronzer I like to use a large fluffy brush, this helps to blend and apply at the same time!




My MAC 159 is the perfect size for blush, it isn’t too dense so it doesn’t apply a whole lot at one time!




There are two brushes I like for this, the Sigma F35 and the Morphe G23. The sigma brush is great as it has a tapered shape so I find it applies and blends at the same time and the Morphe brush is great for applying really concentrated highlighters or for applying a highlighter wet, as it’s very precise.




Again there are two brushes I like for this, the Sigma F05 and the Morphe M359. The Sigma brush is great for a subtle contour or to help blend out a stronger one as it’s the perfect shape the hollows of my cheeckbones! The Morphe brush is perfect for applying a strong contour powder as it gives a really precise line, it works well around the nose as well. If i’ve applied the contour with the Morphe brush I’ll usually go back into the Sigma brush (with no additional product) to blend it out.




If I want to pack on a lot of eyeshadow I’ll use my Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader, this is the perfect shape for densely packing an eyeshadow over the lid.




Having a brush set aside for these areas is so handy as you never need to worry that you’ve used a dark eyeshadow on it previously, I like the Smashbox Precision Eyeshadow Brush as it tapers off so it easy for detail work like the inner corner.




If you’ve read many of my previous posts  you might know that I’m a huge fan of cut creases, semi-cut creases and just covering the inner portion of my eyelids with concealer to make the light shimmer shade pop. I love to use my Zoeva226 Smudger brush as it’s very firm and dense so the bristles don’t splay or go out of shape shape which makes it perfect for cautious work like cutting the crease!




This is probably the most important of all. The Blending Brush. The HOLY GRAIL of any beauty guru! It’s a necessity if you want a well blended, non-choppy eye look. I love the MAC 217 for this, I’ve tried out loads from different brands but this is by far the softest and works the best. You want the bristles to be quite dense but as it’s a delicate area you want the bristles to be soft as well! Blending is the most essential part and takes any look from drab to fab, so this is the brush you want to spend a little extra on! I love this brush so much I have about 5, mainly because I’m too lazy to clean it all the time and because I prefer it so much more than my other ones!



Charlotte xx

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