Snapshot Sunday: How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

Hey Everyone,


Since we’ve already covered how to clean makeup sponges I thought it’d be a good idea to share how I clean my brushes. For me there are two ways to clean you brushes!

  1. The Quick Fix – this is handy if all your brushes are dirty and you really need a brush that doesn’t have black eyeshadow on it but really isn’t a long term solution! For this method spritz your brush with some brush cleaner, you can get these pretty cheap or I like to use Isopropyl Alcohol (I buy it on amazon) and swirl your brush in some tissue/kitchen roll until its clean.
  2. Brush Solid/Shampoo – I try to do this once a fortnight (or month) on my personal brushes! I find brush solids like this one from Makeup Revolution to clean my brushes as it wastes less shampoo and is antibacterial but a shampoo such as Head and Shoulders will work too! Just wet the brush and cover it in soap then (gently) rub it until the water runs clean.



Charlotte xx

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