Snapshot Sunday: Travel Plans

Hey Everyone,

I have always loved the idea of travelling and seeing the world, but unlike many people my age I don’t have an inherent need to see all of it right this minute. That’s why I never took a gap year and loathe the idea of inter-railing! In saying that there are lots of places I’ve never been and definitely want to visit (very) soon!

South Korea

  • In particular Seoul, it looks like an amazing city!


  • I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of Canada, hot summers and snowy winters are what I’m all about! Not to mention all the waterfalls, there is just something about Canada that really draws me in!


  • I know this is another very broad category, but I’ve only ever been to Florida and that was when I was about 12 so not old enough to appreciate the ample Sephoras! The top places I want to visit are New York and Las Vegas, I will die happy once I’ve seen the Grand Canyon for myself!


  • I mean is there actually anyone who doesn’t want to visit Bali?!


  • These seems to be the place to go in Europe right now and honestly I’m getting FOMO for not going!


Where is the one place you want to visit the most?


Charlotte xx

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