BLOGMAS 26: 2017 Highlights

Hey Everyone,

Am I the only one who feels this year has gone by so quickly? It feels like only yesterday it was June and now there is only a week left of 2017! MADNESS! At first I thought 2017 has been a little boring, I didn’t get to do a lot of the things I wanted but when I look back it’s actually been better than I realised!

2017 was the year I got invited to my first blogger event, it was for KISS Products and I had an absolute blast! You can read about the event here! I met so many lovely bloggers here and they really have become friends of mine since the event! This also kickstarted me into taking more pride with my blog and working to produce more regular content!

My highlight of 2017 is most definitely my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia – here is PART 1 and PART 2 of my travel diaries! This city is so beautiful and I had a blast travelling around and exploring the area! I really fell in love with the Old Town and I definitely want to explore mote of Croatia in the future.

2017 is the year I finally took the plunge and attended a 6 week makeup course, which means I’m now a certified Makeup Artist. In Northern Ireland you don’t need any qualifications to practice makeup but I always wanted to complete some type of course so I would know all the health and safety aspects and so I could be taught by a professional! I’m so happy that I bite the bullet, I’m still starting out and only have a few clients here and there but I’m so excited to see where this goes in 2018!

I hope your 2017 has been  amazing and 2018 is full of delights too! Let me know what your favourite 2017 moment has been and don’t forget to follow me on social media!


Charlotte xx

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Twitter: @charlottesbblog (note the 2b’s)

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