1 Brow, 3 Ways

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As a makeup artist, enthusiast and a beauty blogger, I know that brows can be a funny old thing, too strong and they can detract from your look but too soft and the makeup doesn’t look quite right! In my opinion, it’s all down to the method you choose to fill and shape your brows! There are three main ways, brow powder, brow pencils or a brow pomade, they all give a very different look or can be mixed together to bridge the gap.

The Shape

The shape of your brow is very important and it’s different for everyone, in my opinion, a good brow is essential for every look! Not only does it help you look younger but it really does perfect a look!


This is a really handy diagram to help you get the shape of your brows! If you’re starting out with brows or you’re not very confident with getting the shape, I really recommend doing your brows first, this way you can go around them with concealer or a cotton bud to tidy them up! To draw out this shape I recommend using a nude/white pencil and brush until you get the hang of it!

A: Line up your brush with your nose and draw a little dot on the outside of the brush. This is where your brow will start, I like to keep this first potion light and feathery to mimic a natural brow.

B-C: Line up your brush from the outer edge of your iris and draw another dot, this should be higher than point A.

D: Line up your brush from the edge of your nose to the edge of your eye and draw another dot. this is the tail of your brow.

Using your brow powder/pencil/pomade connect the dots to from your brow. Remember that the arch should be the highest part of your brow, A-C is the thickest part and C-D is the thinnest part.

TOP TIP: If you’re having difficulty getting the product to stick on your bare skin (especially when using a pencil) try putting a little face powder down to absorb any oils on your skin! 

The Medium

As I’ve mentioned there are multiple ways to fill in your brows, but the most common ones are brow powders, brow pencils and brow pomades, you can use a combination of products to achieve your desired effect and I’m going to give you a little run through of how to use each method.

Brow Pencil

I find this is the most natural of the brow products, I like the Soap and Glory Brow Archery 2-in-1 Pencil, other fabulous pencils include the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil. If you’re looking for  a brow pencil I really recommend one with a thinner nib as this will be a lot more precise and help you achieve those natural feather-like brow hair strokes!

This is the sort of brow you can achieve with a pencil!


Brow Powder

You can buy brow powder kits or of course, you can just use a regular eyeshadow! I used the Profusion Define Brows Kit*. This is a really handy kit, especially for beginners, as it comes with 4 dual powders, 2 brow pencils, 1 brow wax, a pair of tweezers, a double-ended brush and 5 brow stencils! To get the perfect brow with this kit I first went in with the wax pencil and created the shape I wanted, then I filled in using the brow powder in the shade Chocolate Brown, I used the lighter shade at the front of my brow and transitioned into the darker shade of the duo. I then went in with both brow pencils to add a little more definition to the brows.

Brow Powder is probably my least favourite method as I find it difficult to get the defined shape I prefer, this is why I opt to use a mix of brow powder and brow pencils! I love that this kit includes both as this makes the perfect brow in my opinion!

This is the sort of brow you can achieve with brow powder and pencil.


Brow Pomade

This is definitely my preferred way of creating the perfect brow! I find that pomade creates the strongest brow of all the methods and can be the trickiest to work out as the pomade is a lot more fluid so you need a very light hand! I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, but Makeup Revolution and Freedom have brilliant more affordable options! I recommend using a really fine angled brush, such as the MAC 263, I also love the Angled Brush from the Ciara Daly Diva Brow Collection!

This is the sort of brow you can achieve with a brow pomade.


As a finishing touch I always recommend going through your brows with a brow gel, this helps to enhance your brow hairs and make the brows look a little more realistic! I love the L’Oreal Artist Brow Plumper!

I hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions please just give me a shout! I’d love to know what your favourite way to fill in your brows!


Charlotte xx

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Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) were sent to me but all thoughts are my own.

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  1. I love this blog! Very helpful! I suck at doing at my bows. Some times i have good days and other days are horrible lol. Thank u for the tips

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    1. For my liner ive found the Kat Von D ink liner really helps get the perfect wing! I line the brush tip up against the corner of my eye and stamp it down to create the wing and then connect the wing down to my lash line and then use the tip to create a smooth line along the lash line hah hope that makes sense! I go through my liner techniques in my summer makeup YouTube video! There’s a link to my channel at the end of the blog post x


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