Is the ‘Instagram Culture’ Unhealthy?

Hey Everyone,

I’m sure you have also noticed the ‘Instagram Culture’ that is rising. The idea that an outfit isn’t worth wearing if you don’t get a picture of it, that you’re wasting the sun/snow if you don’t get a photo in it and did you really go for coffee if you didn’t post about it. There’s no point in lying we have all been there, waiting to take a sip of that perfect cappuccino just to get a picture of it. From my time as a blogger, I’ve learnt so much about how to perfect photos and how to get the best lighting for Instagram pictures. I’m so used to always using my ring light that I feel every picture is too dark without it, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Is this the Real Life, or is it just Fantasy?

A quick glance at the Instagram explore page would be enough to knock even the most self-confident woman, nevermind young impressionable teenagers. Now, I’m not trying to throw shade or hinting at anyone in particular but more trying to raise awareness of the culture that we, as bloggers, may have helped create.

The idea of perfection, in the name of Instagram, has gone too far. With the use of professional photographers, professional lighting and (mainly) multiple photo editing apps it creates an idealist and unachievable reality. Of course, all bloggers aspire to achieve more and aim to increase their following and nowadays a simple selfie often doesn’t cut it, meaning that you need to use photographers, lighting and apps to help your content stand out and to gain the engagement we all desire. These edited photos are now the norm and we have grown to expect to see them on our feeds!

I’ve got 99 problems but an editing app ain’t one

I love having the ability to edit the lighting on my photos, for that I use Colourstory and Lightroom – you can see how I edit photos here! In my opinion, it is one thing to edit the lighting in a photo and to edit it your appearance are very different things. This photoshopping way of life as always been around but it’s definitely coming to arise now, with many companies opting to STOP photoshopping the models, Missguided is one of the best examples I can think of especially as they do target a younger audience.

In this ‘influencer’ age I feel that it is up to us bloggers to portray the ‘real’ life, and the actual real life. Now I’m not suggesting that we all need to go makeup-less and that we shouldn’t use photographers or lighting but that we should embrace our natural looks and not over edit our photos to the point of being unrecognizable! A lot of us have much younger followers so we have a responsibility to be good role models for the next generation and help to raise up each other instead of tearing them down for the slightest imperfections and creating the insecurities that lead to us feeling the need to over-edit our photos!


Charlotte xx

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22 thoughts on “Is the ‘Instagram Culture’ Unhealthy?

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  1. Love your post! I do edit my pictures quite a bit, have been guilty of ordering pretty looking food just so I can Instagram it. But also, I have my wall full of those ugly looking “just at home” pictures. So I guess it’s a healthy mix! 🙂

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  2. Great Post! There is such a stigma growing with Instagram as anyone (even me) only posts when they look great and are happy with a picture. Which makes you feel rubbish about how you look when your sat scrolling through in your Pj’s and messy hair! Xx

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  3. I love this so much! so much comparison happens on Social media but also such a good platform for good information! Love this! Keep writing

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  4. This is so true and so inspirational. I have always felt that there is a standard for Instagram users that every photo you post has to be perfect and that you have to post every single thing you do, when in reality, that’s not what real life is! Thank you so much for sharing the truth about this topic xoxo

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  5. Love this post! I have such a love/hate relationship with Insta. It is such a great creative outlet, but it is hard not to compare yourself. Couldn’t imagine being a teenager in these times. I believe it would be difficult 😒

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  6. great’s my go to app nowadays together with twitter and pinterest as fb seems to be very toxic and people tend to know alot..just keeping my circles to a manageable number..i take photography as a hobby and now verturing to video (finally) and i edit the them as close to what my eyes saw.

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  7. This is good, social media has become the platform for fake. Me personally i never really gotten into the editing thing and constant social media everyday until i started blogging. I see things more clearly now.

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