Curaprox Black to White Toothpaste Reviewer

Hey Everyone,

I was kindly gifted the Curaprox Black to White Toothpaste* and have been trying it out for the past few weeks and thought I would share my thoughts with you all! I have a few events coming up in the next few months which is what made me consider whitening my teeth, I have quite sensitive teeth so the thought of using a full on whitener or getting my teeth professionally whitened scares me – a lot! So when Curaprox offered me the chance to try out their Black to White Toothpaste I had to give it a go!

As an avid black tea and strong coffee drinker, my teeth are quite stained and this is something I have been quite conscious of in recent months, Curaprox Black to White Toothpaste has really helped to brighten my teeth as well as strengthen them which I’m so pleased about! Unlike most whitening toothpaste this one isn’t grainy or abrasive so it doesn’t erode the enamel on your teeth, instead, it uses activated carbon to gently dissolve stains, leaving you with healthy, naturally white teeth – exactly what I was after!

I’ve found so many benefits to using this toothpaste, not only has it helped ease my sensitivity as this formula has Hydroxyapatite – this active component effectively fills exposed holes in the tooth’s surface, known to cause pain and sensitivity and helps to remineralise the enamel, protect teeth from increased wear and creates a pearly shine. Anytime my teeth are feeling a little overly sensitive I just use my regular Sensodyne toothpaste as well and it normally goes away there and then! This toothpaste is one that I know I will keep using and it can be purchased in Boots so it is really easy to find!

Overall my experience has been really positive with this toothpaste, it has left my teeth looking naturally whiter which is exactly what I was after! Have you tried this toothpaste? If so what was your experience like?


Charlotte xx

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