What to Wear to a Wedding…

Hey Everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram (@charlotte_tudge_makeup) you’ll know I attended a wedding recently. For most girls, a wedding invitation can cause a lot of stress – everything from what to wear to hair and makeup and even your tan comes into question! So at my friend’s wedding, I scouted out some of my favourite dressed guests (and generally some of my favvy people) to help provide some inspiration for any weddings or events you might have coming up!


First up is my beautiful sissy, Lois 💕

Her dress is Chi Chi London from ASOS, nude accessories are the perfect way to go with this dress as it helps keep the focus on the lovely oriental inspired pattern!


Becky with the good hair 💁🏻

I absolutely loved the detail on this Virgo Lounge dress! It’s stunning and perfectly transitions from day to night! I think Rebecca had the right idea keeping her accessories simple and letting her dress be the focal point!


Kerri (@needtoexplore) 🌹

Kerri’s dress is from Marks and Spencers, this floral pattern is perfect for a spring summer wedding and again simplicity is key with this look letting the flowers be the focus!


Lovely Laura (@lovelylifeoflauraspiers🔥

This dress looked amazing on Laura, it was well fitted and really suited her figure! Again another ASOS bargain this time from City Goddess! Simplicity was definitely what everyone was going for as this pale pink bag matched perfectly and who doesn’t love a little sparkle, this time in the form of glam heels!


Mumma Bear 🐻

Seriously though how cute are my parents?! My mum loved this dress from ASOS (I’d originally got it for myself but she wanted it instead) it’s supposed to be a Bardot style but my mum isn’t into that – so she wore it like this instead and personally, I think it looks fab on her! The tan accessories are perfect for summer and this is definitely one of those dresses that can be worn again and too lots of different occasions!


It’s Britney B*tch, or just me 🤷🏻‍♀️

I had a major meltdown as the dress I had intended upon wearing didn’t fit me when I tried it on (a little too much relaxing in Ibiza I think) while I could have made it work I just knew I wouldn’t have felt comfortable in it! So I hunted down some options on ASOS and this is the one I loved (probably more than my original choice) I picked bright accessories to really step outside my comfort zone and I love how this look came together!

Despite the drama of picking an outfit, weddings are a fantastic time to bring everyone together, and are always so much fun! I had an amazing time at the Edgar wedding and was so happy to be part of it! #HappilyEverEdgar


Charlotte xx

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