Autumn Musts

Hey Everyone, 

Autumn has come around again and here are some of the thing’s I’m doing to get ready for Autumn!

Watch Nightmare Before Christmas 

THIS IS A HALLOWEEN MOVIE I don’t care what you say it’s not Christmassy its Halloween!!


Watch Hocus Pocus

My friend and I have started a tradition of watching Hocus Pocus with a takeout and some snacks, I can’t wait to do it again as Hocus Pocus is my all time favourite Halloween movie!


Find that Perfect Coat

Last year I used to drive to work so a winter coat wasn’t really that necessary as I parked right outside the door and just had to make a quick sprint to the door, this year is a different story! I’m looking for that perfect coat that I can still wear some layers under but it needs a hood too, not to mention it needs to be nice and still somewhat fashionable! I’d like to think that it isn’t a big ask but I’m fussy with coats so I’m hoping there will be something that satisfies me! If not well I guess winter is cancelled!!


Winter Boots

I’ve already found my go-to heeled winter boots, they’re from Pretty Little Thing via ASOS and are dupes for the Topshop ones I loved last year but couldn’t get my size anywhere! I’m pretty stoked I got them this year and that they came in my size. I normally wear a 6 but ordered them in a 7 to account for PLT’s dodgy sizing and they fit like a dream! I’m still on the hunt for that perfect flat pair of boots, I do tend to prefer a pointed toe to a round toe as personally, I think a round toe can make me look a little dumpy! I’ve already seen some pairs I like but I’m holding off to see what else is in store!


What are some of the things you’re doing to get ready for Autumn?



Charlotte xx

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