Tarte Mermaid Staycation Hydrating Skincare Set

Hey Everyone,

I recently saw this little set on QVC for £27 and decided to give it a go! This set has 4 travel sized products and a little cleansing tool – a great startup routine or great if you want to try some new skincare without total commitment!

Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

£23 for 150ml in the set you get 50ml

This is my favourite part of the set, the lavender oil doesn’t leave your skin feeling super dry so this is lovely and works well with the scrublet you get in the set! I will definitely consider repurchasing this (if I can easily get it in the UK)!

Mermaid Skin Hyaluronic H2O Serum

£35 for 50ml in the set you get 15ml

This is the part the I liked the least, while I do like this serum and it was very nice and hydrating it isn’t as good as the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid especially considering the price! I will continue to use this but I most won’t be repurchasing it!

Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturiser

£33 for 50ml in the set you get 10ml

I quite liked this moisturiser, it is hydrating and leaves the skin very soft! This moisturiser reminds me of the Bare Minerals SkinLongevity Sleeping Gel Cream as it has the same texture and leaves the skin feeling supple and hydrated! Again not sure I’ll repurchase this one as the Bare Minerals one is more hydrating and easier to get!

In this set you also get the Rainforest of the Sea Radiance Drops which are a lovely liquid highlighter, I like to either use them as a base, mix them with my foundation or as a highlighter on top! I do really like these and would consider repurchasing them as they’re £30 for 30ml! The 5ml in the set has lasted ages too!! Definitely worth it in my opinion!

Side note – the Serum and moisturiser combo (feel like it’s most likely the moisturiser but I’m not sure) when applying it in the morning and going on to Primer after seems to cause some pilling on which hasn’t happened with my other serums and moisturisers!

Have you tried any of the Tarte Skincare?


Charlotte xx

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve always wanted to try their “rainforest of the sea” skincare,

    The only thing I’ve tried is their lights, camera, action mascara and it was okay tbh, I prefer lancome as their mascara’s give a LOT of volume

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