BLOGMAS 31: 2018 Goals

Hey Everyone, Today I thought I would share with you my 2018 goals, I like to set myself a few goals every year just as something to work towards and to focus on throughout the year. This year I've decided to set Blog goals and Life goals! BLOG GOALS Grow my social medias and my... Continue Reading →

BLOGMAS 30: Did I complete my 2017 Resolutions?

Hey Everyone, This time last year, with around 99% of the population, I decided 2017 was going to be my year - and honestly it wasn't. I'm still in the boring, minimum wage job I hate but I have made a good few changes to my life! My last year resolutions were pretty basic; lose... Continue Reading →

BLOGMAS 28: New Makeup

Hey Everyone, Today I thought I'd share with you a little haul of all the makeup I've gotten recently. Most of these items I've not actually used enough to review them but keep your eyes peeled as they'll be definitely making an appearance soon. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette These swatches have me shook! I... Continue Reading →

BLOGMAS 25: My Christmas Day

Hey Everyone, IT'S CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSS! Christmas Day for my family, like most others, is all centred around spending time with each other and eating a whole lot of food! We wake up early, usually around 7 and head downstairs to open presents, these are ones from "Santa" and from my close family. Then (still in PJs)... Continue Reading →

BLOGMAS 24: My Christmas Eve

Hey Everyone, For my family Christmas Eve is a day to¬†get all the last minute shopping done but theres a few rituals that we just aren't ready to give up! So here's how I'll be spending my day... If everyone is off work we head out for breakfast or lunch, we usually keep it local... Continue Reading →

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