The Struggle is real

Hey Everyone, Am I the only one who has been struggling with motivation recently? There is so much I had planned to do and honestly, I'm struggling to do any of it! This really isn't like me, I'm that girl with 101 to-do lists and usually, I find nothing more satisfying than ticking something off... Continue Reading →

BLOGMAS 31: 2018 Goals

Hey Everyone, Today I thought I would share with you my 2018 goals, I like to set myself a few goals every year just as something to work towards and to focus on throughout the year. This year I've decided to set Blog goals and Life goals! BLOG GOALS Grow my social medias and my... Continue Reading →

Snapshot Sunday: Travel Plans

Hey Everyone, I have always loved the idea of travelling and seeing the world, but unlike many people my age I don't have an inherent need to see all of it right this minute. That's why I never took a gap year and loathe the idea of inter-railing! In saying that there are lots of... Continue Reading →

No Spend June!

Hey Everyone!   For the month of June I have decided that I'm not going to buy any more clothes or makeup, I'm usually a super impulsive shopper and because of that I have a wardrobe full of clothes I hardly wear and a drawer full of makeup products that still look brand new! It's... Continue Reading →

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