January Blues

Hey Everyone, So is that time again, out with the old and in with the new! I like to take this time to reflect about 2018 and see what I can do to make 2019 even better! When I think of 2018 the main points for me where getting a new job and I stopped... Continue Reading →

Busy Doing Nothing…

Hey Everyone,   So it's been a while since my last post, and it's been even longer since I last felt like blogging and honestly, I've still not really got my mojo back. I can't really explain it but instead of being a fun pastime it's become a chore so I've avoided it and so... Continue Reading →

Autumn Musts

Hey Everyone,  Autumn has come around again and here are some of the thing’s I’m doing to get ready for Autumn! Watch Nightmare Before Christmas  THIS IS A HALLOWEEN MOVIE I don’t care what you say it’s not Christmassy its Halloween!!   Watch Hocus Pocus My friend and I have started a tradition of watching Hocus... Continue Reading →

It Really Works Vitamins Review

Hey Everyone, I've been using the It Really Works Vitamins* for the past few weeks and wanted to give you an update as to how it's been going! It Really Works Vitamins are aimed at anyone who has thinning, unhealthy hair - as someone who gets my hair colour treated it could definitely do with a... Continue Reading →

The Struggle is real

Hey Everyone, Am I the only one who has been struggling with motivation recently? There is so much I had planned to do and honestly, I'm struggling to do any of it! This really isn't like me, I'm that girl with 101 to-do lists and usually, I find nothing more satisfying than ticking something off... Continue Reading →

Why I started Blogging…

Hey Everyone,   It's crazy to think my little old blog has been going for two years now! So I thought it was about time I gave you a little backstory as to why I started blogging!   February 2016 I know it seems like a while ago now but this is the time I... Continue Reading →

Protein World Collagen Collection Review

Hey Everyone, In my post about Getting my 'Healthy Lifestyle' Back, I mentioned that I was going to be taking the Protein World Collagen Collection*, this includes Slender Blend Collagen Protein Powder, Beauty Blend Drink and Collagen Capsules. Our natural collagen store begins to decline in the mid/late twenties, therefore being 23 I really need... Continue Reading →

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