Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup Review

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In my July Haul I mentioned I got the Revlon PhotoReady Insta- Fix Makeup. This is a stick foundation that is supposed to be used all over the face for a flawless streak free finish and honestly I hated it. I bought this after seeing so many of by favourite beauty gurus raving about stick foundations and because they always seemed so quick and easy to use! But this foundation was a different story.

N.B I do have a normal skin type, I don’t get overly oily or overly dry so I find most foundations work well for me!



Eye makeup is Throwback Thursday Urban Decay Naked Palette Look.


My Experience

  • I found that I had to draw this foundation all over my face and mix in an oil before blending it in otherwise the foundation doesn’t blend!
  • You need to use so much to just get a basic layer on the face so it’s not going to last long at all!
  • I tried blending with my fingers, my beauty sponge, a stippling brush and a buffing brush but I always got a streaky and uneven finish.
  • Several layers are needed for any kind of coverage. Like any. At all.
  • It was kind of long wearing but it’s hard to tell as its got such little coverage.
  • Will get oily/greasy in like 2 hours.
  • Available in 9 shades.
  • Compact and handbag friendly and easy to store.
  • A lot of the reviews say the formula is creamy but I find it drags a little when I apply it, especially if it’s cold/I haven’t warmed it up in my  hands before.
  • Did I mention it’s got basically no coverage?
  • It clings to any and all dry patches.


Overall, I was really underwhelmed with this product. It doesn’t give any kind of coverage so I don’t get why you would need it for touch ups and it isn’t easy to blend. You could maybe try it as a cream highlight/contour product but at £10 a time there are much better options on the market! Sadly I give this a 1/5 and will most likely have passed it to my sister or cousin before long.


Have you tried this out? How was your experience with it?



Charlotte xx

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  1. I always wanted to try stick foundation but haven’t yet. I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about the tarte clay foundation sticks, so excited to give that a try. Thanks for the review. Ive only tried revlon nail polishes.

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