Lipsense FIRST Impression

Hey Everyone,


I was sent some products from Lipsense to try out, I got the shade Bella, Glossy Top Coat and the Oops Remover. Unlike more liquid lipsticks lip sense has a 2 step application. You first apply the colour – up to three coats is needed, then the top coat, when it comes time to remove the lipstick just use the Oops Remover. The colour is supposed to stay in place all day and then the top coat is reapplied when necessary!





  • First of all there is a fab shade range but as the products are from suppliers and not in a shop it can be hard to get the shade your after and they can be difficult overall to get a hold of!
  • You need to apply the product in one direction, this means that it’s hard to get a precise line in the corner of your mouth as theres too much product on the brush.
  • It tingles – a lot! It feels like a plumping gloss which I’m not a big fan off but apparently this dies down the more you use the product!
  • The lip colour itself is super sticky but it becomes a lot more comfortable once you apply the gloss
  • I found it to be fairly long wearing, which is fab considering its a glossy finish!


Overall I’m impressed with my Lipsense! I’ll definitely be using this colour again and I probably would purchase other colours if they had an online store or if I knew one of the reps lol!

Since I posted this I’ve found out that Lipsense is known as Sheersense in the UK, which is why I couldn’t find that many distributors! 

Also if you are able to create your own account, if you’d rather buy them that way! You need an ID for that, my distributors ID is 192162. Her Instagram is @perfectpoutontheprairies she has been so helpful with picking colours and providing me with lots of helpful information! So if you’re interested I really recommend checking her out! 

Have you tried Lipsense?



Charlotte xx

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Facebook: Charlotte Tudge – MUA and Blog

Twitter: @charlottesbblog (note the 2b’s)


Disclaimer, this product was sent to me but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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