Snapshot Sunday: Favourite Perfumes

Hey Everyone,

I’m definitely one of those girls who has a signature scent, for me it’s Vera Wang Princess. I’ve worn it since I was about 16 but recently I’ve just had enough and decided to go on the hunt for some new perfumes! Here’s my favourite ones to date…

  1. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
  2. Vera Wang Princess Night
  3. Jenny Glow White Jasmin and Mint

These are all quite floral, sweet scents and I wear them night or day. I especially love the Jenny Glow one as it smells exactly like the Jo Malone one but was a fraction of the price!

What’s your favourite perfume?


Charlotte xx

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2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday: Favourite Perfumes

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  1. I LOVED VW Princess in college, and now when I smell it, it takes me back to such happy memories. I love that perfume can remind you of specific places or times 🙂 My favorites right now are Nirvana White by Elizabeth and James and Si by Giorgio Armani.

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